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      April 28, 2002: Big Snow After Record Flooding

      The next morning, the well developed low was sitting near the southern Lower Michigan border.

      April 2002 was a spastic month weather-wise across Upper Michigan. The month started cold after record March snows. Then a tremendous mid-month warm up set in with rain and record flooding. Another turn-around occurred at the end of the third week of the month with a six-inch snow in Iron Mountain on the 22nd. This snow was confined to northern Wisconsin and the far southern U.P.

      The big U.P.-wide snowstorm occurred on April 27-28, 2002. Low pressure developed off the Rockies into the high plains of Colorado early on Saturday, April 27 and moved northeastward (Image 1 & 2). The air was cold enough for heavy snow to develop north of the lowâ??s track through northern Wisconsin and most of Upper Michigan. A daily-record nine inches of snow again fell in Iron Mountain, while around 10 inches fell at the National Weather Service (NWS) near Negaunee. The snow was accompanied by thunderstorms in northern Wisconsin where some tremendous snows came down in a short period of time. Elcho in northeastern Wisconsinâ??s Langlade County received 20 inches of snow overnight.

      This late April snow was followed by a cold May. The mean temperature at the NWS came in at 5.7 degrees below average.

      April 2013 sits at nearly 8 degrees below the long-term average. The last four days of the month look to be well above normal. However, another cold air mass will build in Canada this weekend and there are indications that the cold will here later next week.