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      April 4, 1995: Coldest April Daylight

      The morning of April 4, 1995 saw temperatures at 5,000 feet colder than 20 below zero. The high only made 11 above that day.

      The first few days of April 2013 came in way below average. Through yesterday, the National Weather Service (NWS) near Negaunee reported a mean temperature of 17.3 degrees, 14 degrees below average. While itâ??s been cold, it cannot compare the extreme cold of April 4,1995.

      An intense cold front blasted through the U.P. the afternoon and evening of the 3rd accompanied by thunderstorms with rain, sleet and snow. That night, the temperature plummeted. The NWS had a low of 9 by midnight after reaching a high of 50 earlier in the day. The next day, the coldest air in the Northern Hemisphere invaded Upper Michigan (Image 1 above). The high on April 4, 1995 reached only 11 degrees, some 30 degrees below the average high for the date. The low reached 2 degrees before the core of the coldest air slipped off to the east. The mean temperature that day was a numbing 25 degrees below normal.

      April 1995 ended over 5 degrees below average. It was a cold spring after one of the mildest winters in recent times. The chill did not break until mid-June when one of the greatest early summer heat waves on record settled in.