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      Bad gas?

      Whether itâ??s a lawnmower, weedwhacker, or snowblower, chances are, if youâ??re a homeowner, youâ??re buying gasoline for machines other than your car.

      Grant Simula, owner of Abe Supply in Dodgeville, said he gets repair calls daily for mowers and machines that are deteriorating due to using the wrong gasoline. He said even though gas prices are rising higher every day, itâ??s best to use the proper gas now and save on repairs in the long run.

      â??We recommend running a premium gas,â?? said Simula. â??Premium traditionally has less, if not is completely free of, ethanol.â??

      Because ethanol is an alcohol, it eats away at the engine parts and turns into a sticky substance.

      Simula said ethanol is also more likely to incur phase separation, which is when the ethanol and gas separate into layers, much like oil in water.

      â??Itâ??s very noticeable in these small engines because theyâ??re seasonal use, so people are only using them certain times of the year so they tend to be sitting longer,â?? he explained.

      There are additives that can be put into the gasoline, but Simula said none have really been tested for efficiency, and most are only preventative and canâ??t undo any damage already done to your engine.

      He said the best thing to do is use premium gasoline and make sure it doesnâ??t sit longer than 30 days.

      â??After 30 days, now, the gas starts breaking down, and it will separate,â?? Simula said. â??Then, after the end of the season, running it completely out of gas just to get that alcohol out of there so it doesnâ??t eat while itâ??s sitting.â??