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      Bell Hospital receives national recognition

      4:00 p.m. - Newsroom

      Bell Hospital has worked for 18 months prior to the new hospital being built on improving their service.

      The hospital staff have been reviewing the results, submitted by patients to Press Ganey, and then focusing in on specific areas.

      Spending time with patients has become a top priority, and it has paid off.

      To hear more about Bell's recognition, you can watch my story on your TV6 News Tonight.


      11:20 a.m. - Ishpeming

      I got to sit in on a real, live surgery this morning! It was pretty neat to see. It was a clean procedure, so no blood or anything.

      Press Ganey Associates, Inc. measures hospital patient satisfaction across the nation. Basically, they let a hospital know what areas they could improve on and what areas the hospital is receiving success, which is all gathered from patients' reviews.

      Press Ganey measures patient satisfaction on a scale of one-to-five in 11 main categories, which vary from physician care to quality of food.

      In my next update, I'll have more on how long Bell Hospital has been working towards their goal of giving the best patient care they possibly can.


      8:27 a.m. - Newsroom

      Bell Hospital has been ranked in the 99th percentile nationally for physician service and then 98th percentile for overall patient care satisfaction by the largest hospital survey firm in the country.

      Today, I will be meeting with Dave Edwards, who is the PR director for Bell. I am also hoping to speak with a doctor and patient.

      I want to learn more about this recognition--what it means for business, the employees and consumers. At this point, I don't know if any other U.P. hospitals were ranked in this survey. I will try to find that out this morning.

      I'll have another update later today.