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      Cool: July 24, 2013

      By Saturday morning, the system is forecast to be wound up over Lake Superior.

      It got chilly again last night as skies cleared and winds diminished. The official low was 45 at the National Weather Service (NWS) near Negaunee. It dropped to 42 in Iron Mountain and 39 degrees at Champion and Peavey Falls. It also reached down into the 30s at Kenton (37), Stambaugh (37) and Stonington (36). An observer north of Ishpeming reported 35 and Spincich Lake northwest of Newberry almost froze at 33 degrees.

      It has warmed up a little, but this is only temporary. A new system in central Canada (Image 1 above) is forecast to develop into the Great Lakes and then â??close offâ?? into an upper low to begin the weekend (Image 2). If this scenario unfolds, it means a decent rain for especially northern and eastern Upper Michigan and cool temperatures for the weekend. In fact, the American GFS forecast model forecasts a record low maximum of 58 degrees at the NWS on Saturday. The old record is 62 set during the year with a summer in 1992. The NWS commented in the afternoon discussion that some of the raw forecast data they look at shows highs of only the upper 40s to low 50s over parts of the northern U.P. on Saturday. If this were to occur, it would mean high temperatures close to the coldest recorded for the month of July.

      It certainly looks like a preview of fall this weekend.