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      Crystal Falls 'Runs your Bass Off' for the 31st time

      It's so much fun to say since you're a letter of way from getting your mouth washed out with soap, and even it's even better to run in. I'm talking, of course, about the annual "Run your Bass Off" event in Crystal Falls.

      The 31st edition took place again at Runkle Lake Park Sunday (7/10) morning. The race is run in conjunction with the Bass Festival, and as the event grows, so does the competition with around 300 people attending the race.

      New automated timers helped everything go smoothly, and despite the heat, all ages came out to take on the challenging course with races ranging from a 2K walk to a 10K run.If a course isn't challenging, runners might consider it boring, and Marquette's Mickey Sanders says it's anything but easy. "This is probably one of the tougher courses, but again, it's also a half mile longer than a standard 5K," said the Mens Half Bass champion. "It was a nice course. It was a little hilly, but it was good."The Women's Half Bass winner agreed with Sanders saying the course was anything but flat. "It was tough, but it was fair," said Elyse Bray. "A couple uphills but a lot of downhills, too, so it helped a lot. I like the finish because you just gave everything you have at the end, and you're almost done so you don't have to worry about saving anything, just let it all go."

      As an event, long-time runners enjoy it and say the Run your Bass Off is one of the better races. "They put on a very good race here," said Dave Campana. "Very well organized. They have lots of volunteers. They have a good post-race get together. They do a good job running the race. Always enjoy it, so it was a good time."Sanders won the Men's Half Bass 19:38. Elyse Bray won the Women's Half Bass in 26:38.

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