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      Electric rate increase coming for Wisconsin residents

      The Wisconsin Public Service Corporation has requested an increase in electric rates for 2015, according to Integrys Energy Group.

      The increase was proposed to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin along with a decrease in natural gas rates. According to WPS, electric rates would increase by 8 percent, which would be equal to $6 a month for the average 600 kilowatt-hours per month user.

      The natural gas decrease would save roughly 34 cents for those using 800 therms annually.

      According to WPS, rates haven't changed much since 2008 and rates have increased at a slower pace than ordinary inflation.

      "We've found ways to manage and reduce costs while making several improvements to our customers," said Patrick Campshure, WPS Rate Case Consultant. "Customers expect that from us, and rightfully so."

      The factors cited for the electric rate increase are listed below. For more information, head to the Integrys website and read the full news release.

      - Completion of a one-time fuel refund to customers which had the effect of keeping rates flat in 2014- Increased fuel costs for power plants- Improved electric reliability by converting company distribution lines with lower performance history from overhead to underground- General inflation