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      Extended Heat Wave: June 1925

      Strong low pressure headed north out of Minnesota and blasted a cold front through the U.P. ending the heat wave.

      An extended heat wave wilted Upper Michigan residents in early June 1925. Essentially, the heat wave was a four-day affair lasting from June 5-8. During that time, record highs were set on both ends of the U.P. Ironwood set record highs of 90 on June 5-6, while Sault Ste. Marie reached 89 on those days, with a record high of 92 on the 7th. One more record was set on June 8, 1925 at Ironwood with an 89-degree high. After that, a strong cold front blasted through from the west as intense low pressure moved out of Minnesota up into Canada (Image 1 above).

      June 1925 came in with a mean temperature of 60.4 degrees in Marquette. Thatâ??s about a degree-and-a-half above average. July was then cooler than average by about the same amount, while August 1925 was quite warm. All told, the summer was a little warmer than average across the U.P. and the rest of the Great Lakes (Image 2).

      Our generally cool, cloudy pattern of the last couple of days should give way to a fairly nice weekend. Already clear skies over the east end of Lake Superior with thinner clouds in the eastern U.P. is boosting temperatures into 60s to near 70 (Image 3). That clearing trend will slowly encompass the rest of Upper Michigan tonight into Friday.