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      First Month in Six Above Average?

      After our summery weekend, the mean temperature for the month through May 26 at the National Weather Service (NWS) near Negaunee stands at 49.2 degrees. Thatâ??s only 0.8 degrees below average.

      What are the chances we end with an above average month? It would be the first one since last October when the month ended one degree above average.

      The overall pattern argues for near to above average temperatures through the end of the month, which is Saturday. Right now, there is a westerly flow aloft (Image 1 above). That keeps the really cool air bottled to the north. However, with high pressure ridging into the Upper Peninsula from Canada, a northeasterly flow will tend to keep it cool, especially in the north near Lake Superior (Image 2). An upper-level ridge is forecast to build nearly overhead by late in the week into the early portion of the weekend (Image 3). As this occurs, the surface high in Canada will drift to the east and by Saturday, our winds will become southerly which will make for a warm final day of the month (Image 4). There is a chance with temperatures running near to a couple of degrees above average the next few days and a much above average Saturday, that we could get at least to average, if not a bit above, for the first time in a half a year.