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      First Signs of a Hot Summer: June 13, 1983

      Low pressure developing in western Nebraska Saturday should already be sending us increasing high and mid-level cloudiness.

      On June 13, 1983 the Houghton County airport (CMX) near Calumet reached a record high of 91 degrees. This was the first taste of summer after a cold, wet, disagreeable spring. The summer then evolved into a long, very warm one. CMX recorded another record high of 91 on June 22. During July and August, five high-temperature records were set that still stand today.

      To give you an idea how disagreeable the spring was, the May mean temperature at the National Weather Service (NWS) near Negaunee was over six degrees below average. It was also wet; the month brought 6.49 inches of rain, over two-and-a-half inches above average. June started cool, but warmth began appearing during the second week of the month. The month ended with 11 days above 80 degrees and a mean nearly one degree above average. July 1983 came in at 5.5 degrees above average, while August was 5.3 above the long-term standard. The summer of 1983 produced 8 days with temperatures 90 degrees or above. The long-term average is three.

      There is no sign of true summer warmth in 2014â??at least not yet. The next low-pressure system will work into position to bring us increasing cloudiness Saturday (Image 2 above). Some showers may break out over western portions, but the main action should hold off until Saturday night and Sunday. Thatâ??s when the deepening low will head northeastward on a track similar to the system that just moved out and up north into Canada. Behind the new low, it should warm up, but sustained summer heat appears unlikely.