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      Governor Snyder extends energy emergency

      Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder has extended the State of Energy Emergency until March 1.

      Governor Snyder issued Executive Order 2014-4 on Tuesday, extending the State of Energy Emergency due to a shortage of propane throughout the state.

      "We understand that families and businesses continue to be impacted by this shortage, and we're committed to providing all possible assistance," Snyder said. "This latest step will help to ensure that propane deliveries continue as we do our best to ease the burden on consumers through other initiatives such as heating and financial assistance."

      The executive order extends hours of service waives for people delivering heating oil and propane. This enables individuals to exceed the number of hours and consecutive days in which they can work. The previous order was set to expire at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday.

      Residents still in need of heating assistance are encouraged to call 211 or visit www.michigan.gov/heatingassistance.