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      Lake Linden Hubbell scores big over Baraga

      The high school football season has started, and every team should be happy with the great weather. It was tough to find a cloud in the sky in Houghton County Saturday afternoon as Lake Linden-Hubbell entertained Baraga.

      After a Baraga first down, the Vikings mishandled a snap, Vinnie Beaudoin and Jordan Hahka combine on the recovery for the Lakes.

      Four plays later, Brett Gervais hands to Brett Beauchamp and the junior turns the corner on the 19-yard touchdown run. The two-point conversion gave the Lakes an 8-0 advantage and the cheerleaders got an early start on their touchdown push-ups.

      Early 2nd quarter, 16-0 Lake Linden-Hubbell, Vikings' quarterback Zach Sauvola looks for Brett Van Alsteen, but Dan Goldworthy figured out the pattern and made the interception. He rumbled down to the six-yard line on the return, and Lake Linden-Hubbell was in business again.

      Two plays later, Gervais fakes the handoff and boots the other way, about seven yards for the touchdown; two-point conversion was good. The Lakes cruise in their opener, 40-6. Lake Linden-Hubbell visits Hurley next Friday, while Baraga travels to Ewen-Trout Creek.