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      Mackinac Bridge Authority delays toll increase

      The Mackinac Bridge Authority has decided to delay the next planned toll increase at least two more years.

      This decision was reached Friday during the MBA board's meeting at Mackinac Island's City Hall. Even with the delay in toll increase, financial projections show the bridge should have sufficient funding based on current trends.

      "This postponement of toll increases is really a testament to the remarkable work the employees of the Authority have done in maintaining the bridge. The MBA has made the bridge operation as efficient as possible, reducing energy consumption, administrative costs, self-insurance, and expanded electronic tolling, says MBA Board Chair William H. Gnodtke. "Those efficiencies, paired with increased revenues and an unrivaled maintenance program, put our operation on solid financial and structural footing."

      The 56-year-old bridge is maintained and operated exclusively with toll revenue. Toll rates can be found at their website .