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      Noises Off

      The production of Noises Off is in its second week at the Bonifas Arts Center In Escanaba. Dive behind the scenes of theatre with Noises Off as a cast of nine put on a play within a play.

      It's a three act comedy starring Dotty Otley a veteran of theatre. She's flirty, witty, with a heavy English accent and finds herself in a love triangle.

      "She's got a younger beau; he has a very, very jealous streak. You know, Dotty is a very sweet and affectionate woman who enjoys the company of people. It just gets tragically misunderstood," said June Klees who plays Dotty.

      The first act is the traveling group's final dress rehearsal for their play 'Nothing On'. Characters still don't know their lines or where props go.

      Lloyd Dallas, the group's famous director, is stressed out and worried the group won't get it together for their performance. As the play progresses through Act 2 and 3, he gives up and lets the chips fall where they may.

      "Now as it's coming along, I think he's a little bit more like, 'Aww come on! I just want to get this done. Get out of here, move on to bigger and better things. Leave you people on an island; see how you do without me,'" said Mark Cowman who plays Lloyd Dallas.

      In Act 2, they will take you behind the stage where you will see the crazy shenanigans the group gets into when love triangles are revealed. All the while, Belinda Blair tries to keep everyone under control.

      "She's just the happy-go-lucky character; trying to hold everybody together and just kind of keep it going. Always positive and looking on the bright side," said Kelly Smith, Production Director.

      Even then, who knows what craziness unfolds as the group progresses through the end.

      Noises Off is still showing at the Bonifas Arts Center October 3, 4, and 5 at 8 p.m.

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