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      One of the Cooler Julys

      This is the upper-air forecast for Monday. It features a deep trough over eastern Canada into the Lower Great Lakes. It will mean a cool start to next week and end to the month.

      As we work through the last week of July, it appears this month is on track to be one of the coolest seventh months in the last 20 years.

      First of all, the â??normalâ?? mean temperature for the month is around 65 degrees. Through yesterday, the mean temperature stood at 62.6. The pattern that has repeated over and over since last winter is forecast to take hold again (Image above). That means the last six days of the month should be well below average.

      Here is a list of the coolest Julys in the last 20 years:

      July 2009: 59.8

      July 1996: 61.6

      July 2004: 61.9

      July 2000: 62.8

      We should get to at least third place, if not second. We will not surpass the cool month of â??09. And, we certainly will not challenge for the coolest July in the last 25 years and the coolest on record. In July 1992, the mean temperature was 58.4â??cooler than an average June. In fact, on this date 22 years ago the high at the National Weather Service near Negaunee hit 80 degreesâ??the only 80 that entire month. So far this month has three 80-degree or higher days. If we donâ??t hit that mark tomorrow, we will not have any more 80-degree days this month.