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      Sweltering Summer Weather: August 1955

      Much of the northern U.S. endured a hot August in 1955.

      Once past the middle of August, the first signs of fall often appear. Some trees begin showing a little color, there tends to be more wind and there will be the chilly mornings (as weâ??ve had occasionally throughout this summer!). Not so back in 1955. August 17th of that month began the warmest period of the month. From the 17th to the 21st, Marquette had a sweltering mean temperature of 78.4 degrees (the long-term average during that period is around 63 degrees). The warmest day was the 19th with a high of 95 and a low of 73. It then hit 94 degrees to close out the string on the 21st.

      August 1955 came in with a mean temperature of 69.6, a healthy 4.3 degrees above average (Image above). A cool spell closed out the month, but summer made a comeback later in September. It reached an even 90 on both September 16 and 17, 1955.

      In contrast, August 2014 is running cool. Through yesterday, the mean temperature was 3.7 degrees below average. Daytime highs will continue running below average through mid-week. However, once the slow-moving low affecting our weather drifts east of us, warmer weather is likely late in the week. In fact, there may be a brief period of summer heat and humidity to begin the weekend.