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      Toned for the Holidays - Week Six

      I can't even express how excited I am right now, I am solidly into the 170s!

      This was the first weigh-in I'd done with Jenna in two weeks, and I was at 177 pounds after our workout this morning.

      I'm trying not to let the numbers mean anything, but it still feels so good to see those numbers going down, and on top of that, feeling as good as I do.

      My clothes are looser, eating right is getting easier, and I've found that overall I'm happier and more awake.

      It's really an awesome feeling, it makes me want to try and push myself even harder.

      This was the hardest workout I've ever had with Jenna, she was making me push all the limits: more reps and more weight, a lot of it came from controlling my core.

      But afterwards I was so glad, I know that's the only way I can continue to lose more weight is by feeling like I'm going to collapse at the end of every workout.

      And Jenna is very supportive of me, because when I would normally give up, she encourages me and I'm able to do those last few exercises.

      I hadn't worked out very much since my last training session with Hannah last Wednesday.

      I fell victim to a nasty cold for four days, the longest I've gone without exercising for six weeks.

      I ran on the treadmill Tuesday and Wednesday, for an hour first, then 35 minutes yesterday, so I didn't feel completely overwhelmed; I could ease myself back into the routine.

      Saturday is going to be fun, Ringside is launching a whole new line of classes from Les Mills.

      You've already heard me talk about how much I love BodyCombat, now there's going to be new routines for that, as well as a bunch of other, new classes.

      They'll also be promoting the gym too, which means FREE STUFF!

      It's from 9-5 Saturday, I plan to be there in the morning with some TV6 and FOXUP coworkers, so I hope to see you in one of those classes.