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      Woman hikes in memory of daughter

      A Michigan woman is trying to hike her way into history all in memory of her daughter.

      Gail Lowe is trying to become the first woman in history to hike the entire 4,600 miles of the North Country Trail that stretches from North Dakota to the New York-Vermont border. Gail started in Ohio and has already gone 1,500 miles.

      She is doing this in memory of her daughter who passed away from breast cancer last year.

      "Her biggest fear was that she would be forgotten and if I can hike in her memory and I go down in history then that's my way of guaranteeing that her biggest fear will never come true, so nothing is going to stop me from finishing this hike," says Lowe.

      Gail is an experienced hiker who has hiked the Appalachian Trail twice and has hiked from Mexico to Canada. On her hikes, Gail has been struck by lightning, encountered a man with a gun, and had surgery mid-hike, so she says there is no way she won't survive this one.

      Gail says she hopes to finish the hike before winter.