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      100 years of banking

      The Gladstone State Savings Bank opened up its doors 100 years ago to the day Monday. It's now become Bay Bank, and they marked the anniversary with food and memories.

      The bank had a cookout celebration at its Delta County locations. Officials in Gladstone say their bank has weathered recessions and depressions, but it's still going strong and supporting the U.P. Bay Bank originally opened on Delta Avenue and now serves about 3,500 families in Delta County. Many of those customers took part in the festivities.

      "It's been solid and packed since we started serving at 11. We've had to run out for food twice, and it's just exciting, like having a party and everybody shows up," said Bank President, Don St. Germaine.

      There were displays that included photo archives dating back to 1912, as well as the original register from the opening day.