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      11-year-old entrepreneur starts his own business

      Jessup Delongchamp's parents say they were not surprised when the 11 year old insisted on running his own business; even less surprising that Jessup took up lawn mowing and snow blowing.

      "He has always had a fascination with machinery," said Kurt Delongchamp, Jessup's father. "I didn't even have to ask him to go out and shovel. I'd wake up in the morning and he'd already be out there."

      "The snow blowing came up because I originally wanted to buy a snow blower and put rippers on it," said Jessup.

      Jessup figured out that if he can repair and operate a snow blower, he could make money running one.

      "I told him (laughs) that if he made his own money, he could do whatever he wanted," Kurt said.

      So, Jessup did. The young entrepreneur bought his first snow blower in January. Since then, he's bought three more, all on his own. Not bad for a fifth grader.

      "One thing that makes me proud is I didn't think a kid his age would be able to do door-to-door and actually speak to people and make that sale," Kurt said. "I told him just to be able to do that takes a pretty tall boy."

      Jessup says he's committed to his business, even printing his own business cards and posting flyers in his Ishpeming neighborhood. He's lined up a few clients for the winter, but like any other business, it's slow.

      "He hasn't drummed up any business, but he keeps trying. He's a hard worker, there's no question about that," Kurt added.

      Whatever the profit, Jessup says it's not about the money. It's simply boys and their toys.

      "I like to do it so I can run the machinery," Jessup added.

      If you're looking for a helper, Jessup is looking for his next gig.

      Jessup's Snow Removal and lawn cuttingPhone (906) 486-7214Available after 4 p.m. and weekends