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      13 ROTC programs to close, including one in Upper Michigan

      ROTC cadets training at Michigan Tech University, which is not planned for closure

      The United States Army has approved the closure of 13 ROTC programs, and Northern Michigan University is on the list of possible closures.

      According to the Army website, NMU was listed as one of 13 ROTC programs that could be closed over a two-year period, concluding in the 2014-2015 Academic Year. The Army stated that this announcement comes at the conclusion of a comprehensive review of the ROTC programs across the country.

      The ROTC program at NMU has not yet been in contact regarding the closure, but is expecting information soon.

      A representative from the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs office stated that these closures do not reflect on the quality of the institutions themselves, but has to do with a better use of resources.

      "The deicision to close the 13 ROTC programs is not a reflection on the quality of those academic institutions or the outstanding officers produced at those schools," said Karl F. Schneider, acting assistant secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs. "These closures are necessary changes that allow for more efficient use of available resources within the command, while maintaining a presence in all 50 states. The Army will continue to be good stewards of its resources through prudent transformation of the institutional Army."

      The Army cited the number of lieutenants commissioned annually as a key statistic in deciding on the 13 ROTC programs.

      According to the Army, full assistance will be provided for those currently enrolled in the 13 ROTC programs. Below is a list of all 13 programs up for closure.University of South DakotaNorthern Michigan UniversityNorth Dakota State UniversityUniversity of Wisconsin--La CrosseArkansas State UniversityUniversity of Tennessee at MartinUniversity of North AlabamaGeorgia Regents (Augusta State) UniversityUniversity of Southern MississippiEast Tennessee State UniversityMorehead State UniversityTennessee Technological UniversityUniversity of California--Santa Barbara