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      1432nd welcomed back in the Upper Peninsula

      After a 10-month tour in Afghanistan, the men and women of the 1432 Engineering Company of the Michigan Army National Guard were back in Upper Michigan and on their way to a family reunion on Thursday afternoon.

      The soldiers landed on Thursday as the plane touched down at 3:15 p.m., and the soldiers received a huge welcome home. The 80 men and women were greeted by other comrades along with family, friends, and Freedom Riders. All of them shaking the hands of our heroes and thanking them for their service. As for the troops, they couldn't wait to get back to home sweet home.

      "It's great to be back; it's wonderful to be back here in the U.P.," said Platoon Leader 1st Lt. Jason Wallner. "Great to see the crowd that is gathered here today to welcome home the soldiers of the 1433rd and 1432nd. Very proud of the job our guys did overseas. Looking forward to seeing our families in a few hours."

      It wasn't an easy trip back. Almost immediately leaving the airport, one of the troops' buses broke down. Another had to be sent from Ishpeming to pick up the soldiers, delaying their ride to Kingsford High School by almost an hour.