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      150 pound dog killed in wolf attack

      There's been a wolf attack in the Keweenaw and a large dog is the victim, according to officials.

      The attack happened Sunday morning outside Atlantic Mine on the hobby farm of Rich Johnson. D.N.R. Biologist Brian Roell has confirmed the attack. He says a 150 pound, five year old female Newfoundland was killed by at least one wolf.

      Roell says a wildlife technician was at the farm on Monday. They found with the melting snow, it was difficult to tell if more than one animal was involved in the attack. It happened in a field, about 150 yards away from any buildings on the farm.

      "There's no way to tell what brought on the attack, it could have been a territorial issue between the animals," said Roell.

      There have been no other conflicts with wolves in the area, but wolves are present, Roell added. He says there were older tracks in the sand in the area of the attack.

      Roell also said that Johnson had no problems with wolves before, but did notice some chickens and ducks had gone missing earlier. Johnson was unsure as to why.

      The D.N.R. has issued a lethal control permit to Johnson if there is another wolf encounter. Roell hopes this is an isolated case, in which the dog was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Johnson reported the incident to the Report All Poaching hotline.