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      2013 economic outlook for Michigan

      So how is the job market looking in Michigan?

      The Lake Superior Community Partnership has been partnering with 67 other associations across Michigan to conduct surveys pertaining to the 2013 Economic Job Outlook for the state.

      The luncheon held Friday by the LSCP is part of a series of quarterly events. The topic was the 2013 Economic Outlook.

      The Baker Strategy Group conducted a statewide survey last year examining the Michigan economy from the state level down to the county level.

      Three thousand Michigan citizens from 78 of the state's 83 counties participated in the survey. The responses came from both for-profit and non-profit businesses.

      It was at this luncheon that the Baker Strategy Group presented the results of the survey. A new scoring index was used for the level of satisfaction businesses felt within their communities.

      BSG Managing Partner, David Baker, said, "Michigan overall is a 62, which is okay but not great, but the area over here, which is region 12, is at a 65, so relative to the rest of the state, this region is doing quite well."

      The group says that Michigan's outlook for 2013 is "mild but optimistic" economic changes, and that Michigan business owners can expect some improvement with the economy in their favor.

      "This is our first time to Marquette, and I can see why this area is doing so well because everybody's very friendly, very warm, and there's a lot of activity here. It's a great place to be," Baker said.

      The Baker Strategy Group said that if the people of Michigan face the economic challenges together, they will come through as a prosperous state in the end.