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      2013 State of the Union Address reactions

      "The Constitution makes us not rivals for power but partners for progress."

      President Obama started the 2013 State of the Union Address with that quote, first told to the American people by John F. Kennedy 51 years ago. The purpose of that powerful quote was to drive home the reality that if we all work together, great things may be accomplished.

      He touched on subjects such as the national budget, getting our overseas troops home, vocational education, taxes, and health care.

      Congressman Dan Benishek and Democratic analyst, Tom Baldini, both viewed the address and agree that Washington needs to work together to effectively fix the issues at hand.

      "There's some common ground, and we're going to take it rather than wringing our hands over the fact that we disagree in some areas," said Congressman Benishek.

      But the Congressman also believes the President is better at giving speeches than he is at fixing our nation's problems. One of the bigger problems of the nation right now is gun control, and Congressman Benishek disagrees with the President's proposal for stricter gun laws.

      Congressman Benishek said, "I don't believe we should be taking guns out of the hands of responsible people and restricting law abiding individual's ability to own a firearm. I don't think more laws in Washington will solve the problem."

      Democratic analyst Tom Baldini said, "It is showing, the polls are, that people do believe in registration. It appears they may get that through. There is the killing of the little children, things of that nature, that has really taken this and kept it at the front and center."

      Congressman Benishek and Baldini disagree on the way the President wants to handle health care as well.

      "Since the affordable care act, since it was enacted, costs are going up, so I mean, his talk about how this is cheaper for people to have health insurance, it's just not true," Congressman Benishek said.

      "In the long run, it is going to save America money because we are going to do health care much more efficiently," Baldini said.

      Chipping away at the nation's deficit was in the President's address as well. Congress has passed a law saying that if a bipartisan plan can't be made to reach the deficit goal, harsh budget cuts will automatically go into effect this year.

      The President will continue to urge Congress to find a balanced approach to deficit reduction.