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      2014 Klondike Derby

      Boy Scouts from the Red Buck Sub-District took part in the annual Klondike Derby in Rapid River Saturday. Scouts participated in many events that both challenge them as well as test their skills. For instance, the team ski event encourages scouts in the troop to work together as one.

      "Your right foot goes on the right ski and your left foot goes on the left. It's a team effort. So one person yells out commands, like 'Right!'. You move your right ski; left, you move your left ski," said Trent Luft.

      The final event was a sled race that also promotes teamwork.

      Trophies were handed out to the winners of the sled races as well as a few other events.

      Some of the scouts were even brave enough to camp out in snow huts they made themselves earlier in the week.