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      25 years of good

      The Marquette County Community Foundation celebrated its 25th anniversary Wednesday at their annual banquet. The foundation honored five organizations and individuals for their service. Twenty-five years of good. That was the attitude behind this milestone for the Marquette County Community Foundation. The foundation invests money into the community, funding a wide variety of services, like scholarships and educational programs throughout the county.

      "We can look out and try to make a huge difference and grow things that might have a very positive impact economically, socially, in the community, so we have a wide spectrum of things we can grant," said Stu Bradley, MCCF Trustee.

      A large crowd of business and community leaders attended the banquet. After dinner, the MCCF awarded five individuals and organizations with a Catalyst Award for going above and beyond to serve the community. Among them, the United Way of Marquette County, which raises money to help non-profits across the county that help those in need.

      "I think it's important for any community to create common good, to take care of its citizens, to make sure that there's lasting impact and changes that are for the good," said Barbara Meyer, Director of Operations of the United Way of Marquette County.

      The United Way won the Catalyst Award for an organization. The other awards are as folllows: Business - The Landmark Inn

      Service - Ishpeming Pioneer Kiwanis Club

      Individual - Christine Myers

      Youth - NMU Student Leader Fellowship Program

      The community foundation launched in 1988 with $30,000. Now, their assets total over $12 million, and they're showing no signs of slowing down.

      "The future is bright. We're growing, we're probably going to add at least a million dollars per year, so if you multiply that out, we're going to be distributing over a million dollars a year in another ten years to our community," Bradley said.