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      $2.9 Million expansion for Great Lakes Recovery

      Tobin Center in Ishpeming. New administrative offices for GLRC

      Two new doors opening for Great Lakes Recovery Centers after receiving a rural development loan from the United States Department of Agriculture. The nonprofitâ??s CEO Greg Toutant said itâ??s funding he's been fighting to get for the past five years.

      "The expanded facilities will allow us to see more children that are in need of care and provide a state of the art facility to do that," expressed Toutant.

      Administrative offices will move to the Tobin building in Ishpeming while the Woodland Assisted Living Center in Negaunee will become the new home for GLRCâ??s youth services. The current youth facility is so small three or more youth share living quarters and art therapy, class and dining is all done in the same room.

      "The kids spend a lot of times together and this will be able to give them a little bit more downtime," said GLRC counselor Derrick DePetro.

      Once renovated, the new building will put an end to their cramped conditions.

      "We're lacking the space here to really provide the kinds of things we want to provide for our clients," admitted Patty Holman, a Clinical Supervisor for Youth Services at Great Lakes Recovery Centers.

      Educational space, group facilities and rooms occupied by no more than two persons are some of the positives employees at say have been long overdue.

      "It's really a difficult thing to put into a few sentences because it means a tremendous amount to us," said Holman.

      Renovations will begin in October. The GLRC is expected to be finished and moved in no later than next spring.