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      300 families receive Thanksgiving baskets

      More than a dozen people are busy getting 300 baskets filled with food for a Thanksgiving dinner.From the turkey to bread and pumpkin pie.

      "We have turkeys, stuffing, potatoes, cool whip, pumpkin pies, cranberries, corn and green beans," said Jaylene Kaufman.

      Every year the Delta County Jaycees gather at the Delta county airport to make Thanksgiving baskets for families in need. It's their main service project of the year as a way to give back to the community and promote leadership.

      The Jaycees were able to raise around $10,000 this year, to purchase all the food.

      "Most of the food we bought it from Elmer's they've been supporting our organization for quite sometime," said John Bergman.

      While the organization purchased the majority of the foods, the canned goods were donated. Volunteers say it fills their heart to be able to give back in this way.

      "Sometimes they are a little bit shocked. Usually they are pretty happy though to see when we drop them off. Usually very thankful for getting a basket and having a Happy Thanksgiving for their family," said Bergman.

      After all the packing, the baskets were delivered each family.