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      4-H Kids at the Fair

      The 4-H kids have been hard at work this week at the U.P. State Fair showing off their farm animals. Earlier this week, the kids took a test that tested their knowledge on agriculture.

      Kadin Mustafa and his cousins and friend showed their swine all day on Wednesday. There are about 168 hogs at the fair.

      Mustafa does Showmanship and Market Class. But he took a break to enjoy the other farm animals before getting back to his own.

      â??Well, we have eight pigs in our barn, and we take five to the fair. I show one. I like the animals like the cows. And I like seeing the butter sculpture," said Mustafa.

      Saturday is Agriculture Day at the fair. The livestock auction will start at 11 a.m.

      All animals will be sold.