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      40 days and 40 nights

      As a part of the 40 days of Lent, those of the Catholic faith partake in various celebrations that lead up to Easter.

      One of those celebrations is the Stations of the Cross and a group of students known as the Faith Formation have joined together to put on the event.

      "The Latin term is Via Dolorosa which is 'The Way of Suffering, The Way of Grief' and this particular Station of the Cross is for our youth to understand the path that Christ took," said Father John of Sacred Heart Church.

      This path is broken up into 14 different stations which begins with Jesus being sentenced to death and ends with him being laid to rest in his tomb.

      The goal of this portrayal, by the youth of Sacred Heart Church, is to show the audience that life can be filled with pain and suffering.

      "The beauty of it is that they actually made it their own. We could have walked around the church and looked at every station and did the traditional, which we have done, but we wanted them to show the older community how they could portray this," said Father John.

      As the group stands behind the platform they act out various scenes of the Stations of the Cross and their silhouettes are projected to the audience.

      Michaela Velmer is one of the narrators for the event and she explains what the Stations of the Cross means to her.

      "I think that participating in this event will help me grow in my faith and it also serves as a reminder for how much Jesus suffered for us and through his death we have been redeemed," said Velmer.

      The church says in order to get to the joy of the Resurrection of Christ it is important to first have a full understanding of his journey.

      If you are interested in attending this event, it starts tonight (Friday, March 30) 6 p.m. at Sacred Heart Church in Lâ??Anse.