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      4D images of unborn babies display movement

      Imagine hearing your unborn baby's heart beat for the first time.

      Now imagine the thrill of seeing your baby in 4D action while you're still pregnant.

      Thanks to the 4D ultrasound equipment at First Look Ultrasound, expectant mothers are now able to get more up close and personal with their babies while they're still in the womb. ã??

      "I think it's a bonding experience. Before we never could see the baby and now we can see what the baby's going to look like, the form of their face and their facial features. I think it's just really exciting" Michelle Delisle, owner.

      Expecting mother, Michelle Wiltsey, experienced the 4D sonogram with her third child, but she says the anticipation of seeing her sixth child grow during pregnancy is still amazing. ã??

      "You get a print off of the picture and you get to see basically the full features of what the baby's going to look like. I'm excited, oh yes" says Wiltsey.

      The idea sounds technologically progressive, but what exactly is 4D and how does it work?

      "It scans through three planes at once to get a rendered image and the fourth dimension is time, so you can actually see baby moving. You can see arms moving, you can see feet up by a head, or the baby's head moving back and forth" adds the clinic's sonographer.

      Major hospitals also offer this type of sonogram, but patients at First Look Ultrasound don't need a doctor's order to get a first look at their baby.

      "It's not diagnostic. It is not an ultra sound ordered by a doctor. It is a patient coming in who is just paying for a service" says the sonographer.

      Not just any service, but the chance to experience the life of your child before he or she comes into the world.

      First Look Ultra Sound is located at Sage Premiere Health Care 2250 US Highway South in Chocolay Township (906) 228-2999 .