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      50th Annual Bass Festival a success

      For over 50 years, Crystal Falls has celebrated the very popular Bass Festival. The event is sponsored by the Crystal Falls Lions Club.

      â??Itâ??s a great time to reflect back with family and friendsâ?? said Tom Lesandrini, a volunteer from the Lions Club. â??We always have new people coming to the community that love it.â??

      The day kicked off with a parade down Superior Avenue. Fire trucks, a band and other floats dazzled the crowd. Of course, there was more than enough candy to go around. Experienced candy catchers even noted that this year was much better than parades in the past.

      â??This year is better than last year because there is more candyâ?? said Delaney Donahue, who was visiting her family in Crystal Falls.

      After the parade there was a canoe race on the Paint River. Following the race was a cookout and volleyball tournament at Runkle Lake.

      â??It brings our family closer together and that is what our community is really aboutâ?? said Lesandrini.

      â??It brings back memories from when I came here as a childâ?? said Graham Donahue. â??To see my children doing the same stuff I remember doing as a five-year old is great.â??

      One thing that was noticeable throughout the day was a strong sense of community.

      â??It seems to bring everyone together to celebrate something that isn't a national holidayâ?? said Graham Donahue. â??It is just something that is theirs and lets them have pride in their community together."

      Between the Fourth of July and other celebrations going on in the area, it certainly has not been a boring summer so far.

      â??My husbandâ??s hometown, Alpha, which is just four or five miles from here, celebrated their centennialâ?? said Patt Kosiba, a resident of Crystal Falls. â??So we have been partying!â??

      Fridayâ??s festivities were highlighted by the annual boxing invitational with boxers all the way from Lansing. The annual â??Run/Walk Your Bass offâ?? 10K will be on Sunday starting at Runkle Lake Park, followed by a community picnic and other childrenâ??s games.