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      56th Annual Coca-Cola International Frisbee Tournament

      From the sidelines, Pete Rilei, a competitor, watches his son, Jake, play Guts Frisbee. Both are participating in this year's 56th Annual Coca-Cola International Frisbee Tournament.

      "He played last year with me. He decided to pay with some guys his own age, which I don't blame him. Those are the guys that are going to keep this going, and that's what I want," said Pete Rilei.

      Rilei got back into playing Guts Frisbee five years ago, and his son also joined.

      "Just how they could catch shots that fast and that I knew that I wanted to be one of those guys that could catch that fast of a shot," Jake Rilei.

      This year 13 teams from across the U.S. are competing. Each team must win two out of three rounds against their opponent to advance to the end.

      "It's awesome. It's addicting. We're out here on nice weekends playing Frisbee with all these people. It gets competitive, and it's just an awesome time," said Tony Hella.

      The sport originated in Eagle Harbor in 1958, but over recent decades the popularity has declined. So they've been trying to get younger generations involved. Now Scott Dianda declared July 6 as Frisbee Day in Michigan.

      "The resolution talked about the importance of the sport to the local area, to the state of Michigan, how we've really been the epicenter, if you will, of Frisbee and Frisbee sports for all these years," said Dennis Walikainen, Field Marshall.

      As for the Rileis, Guts Frisbee is turning into a family tradition.