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      60-year-old city government gets updated

      The 60-year-old Marquette City Charter has finally been revised, and now the public has a chance to review the draft and voice any concerns before it's sent to the state for approval.

      The commission will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, and the charter can be viewed on the Marquette City website.

      For the last several months, the committee worked to bring the charter up-to-date, making changes to improve government operation. Once approved by the state, the charter will be placed on the November ballot.

      "We have given people an opportunity to speak, we've listened to what they've said," said Robert Kulisheck, MCC Chair. "We've also listened to what they didn't say in the sense that people were not demanding a major change in the system of government, so we've refined what we have rather than to throw out the current system of government."

      The hearing will take place on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at Marquette's City Hall.