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      600 meals delivered in Dickinson County

      Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pie; all the fixings were in plenty at the Dickinson County Memorial Hospital on Thursday at their annual Thanksgiving feast. But this meal and its dinner deliveries were only possible with dozens and dozens of volunteers.

      â??Dickinson County Memorial Hospital has been doing the Thanksgiving dinner for 20 years, and we broke our record this year with 600 deliveries,â?? said volunteer, Michaelene Koelsch.

      â??We encourage people to volunteer; our shifts start usually at 7:30 in the morning by doing pies. We do fluff, which is actually my favorite to do,â?? said volunteer, Melanie Mendini. "We keep her away from it,â?? said Koelsch.

      Volunteers from the oldest to the youngest came out to not only help with deliveries, but to organize the sit-down meal.

      â??I set up some of the parts of the table,â?? said volunteer Matthew Richer. â??I did the silverware, some of the napkins, the tablemat, and well, me and Abby both did the water pitchers.â??

      There were so many volunteers on Thursday that they couldnâ??t be counted, but one thing that could be counted was turkeys. There were 38 turkey roasts needed in order to feed the hundreds of Dickinson County residents this Thanksgiving. And all of that food, including the 38 turkeys, was completely provided by the hospital.

      â??I think it's pretty cool just to feel like you're helping out somebody, and if they can't do something, that we're doing something for them,â?? said volunteer Abby Richer.