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      70 years and going continues to raise money for Marquette County

      The United Way of Marquette County is getting ready for another year.

      Last year the organization exceeded its goal of $425,000 by raising an additional $19,000.

      This year United Way of Marquette County hopes to raise even more money.

      Millions of dollars have been raised over the course of 70 years.

      Ninety-five percent of their money is raised through employee pay roll deductions.

      "We're rats on a wheel. We're a staff of two and we have a man power person that helps with some of those things and we couldn't do it if it weren't for so many volunteers. We have a fantastic board," said Sue Minckler of the Marquette County United Way.

      A portion of the money raised goes into a fund for the 29 member agencies that contribute to the community.

      Those agencies can apply for a funding request up to $20,000 for their programs.

      If you are interested in donating to the Marquette County United Way click here.