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      8-18 Media is looking for future members

      8-18 Media is looking for new members!

      The youth development group offers kids ages eight through eighteen the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of journalism.

      It's a program through the U.P. Children's Museum in Marquette.

      Students are taught about the news business and are able to report and edit print media themselves with professional guidance.

      The budding journalists' work is published in the Marquette Monthly, read on WMQT and WNMU radio stations, and posted to various online media outlets.

      "It is amazing. I've had many great opportunities, like going to the 2012 conventions in Tampa, Florida and Charlotte, North Carolina and interviewing Lisa Ling when I was in fifth grade, I think," said Glen Ellen Lehmberg, a veteran member of 8-18 Media.

      If you would like to learn more about 8-18 Media, click here.