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      8-year-old boy killed in house fire

      The site of a trailer fire that claimed the life of an 8-year-old Menominee County boy

      An eight-year-old boy is dead after a house trailer fire early Friday morning in Menominee County.

      According to the Menominee County Sheriff's Department, firefighters responded to the scene of the fire shortly after 1 a.m. on Friday morning, with reports that a boy, identified as Nelson Charles Williams, was trapped in the fully engulfed trailer.

      The family of four was asleep at the time of the fire on N16935 CR 551 in Harris Township. Nelson's parents and sister were able to make it out of the burning trailer, but he was unable to escape.

      The sheriff's department reported that firefighters found Nelson in the trailer, but were unable to revive him using CPR. He was sent to St. Francis Hospital in Escanaba and reportedly died due to smoke inhalation.

      The father, 35-year-old Duaine Daniel Williams, was taken to St. Francis Hospital and treated for cuts he sustained while trying to get his family out of the trailer. Thirty-four-year-old Dawn Marie Williams, eight-year-old Hailey Marie Williams, and a Menominee County Deputy Sheriff were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. All individuals have since been released from the hospital.

      The State Fire Investigator from Gaylord is investigating the cause of the fire.

      Now neighbors are stepping up to collect items and help the family that lost everything.

      "Obviously everything they had was lost in the fire,â?? said Menominee County Sheriff Kenny Marks. â??The only thing they got out with was what they were wearing at the time which doesn't give them a whole lot.â??

      Items needed include: girlâ??s size 8 slim pants, medium tops, and size 3 shoes; womenâ??s size 13 pants, large tops, and size 71/2 shoes; and menâ??s 34/34 pant, large tops, and size 10 shoes.

      To donate please call Melissa Kleiman in Wilson at (906) 233-8858, Melanie Campbell in Escanaba at (906) 553-5066, or drop off donations at the Pet Place in Escanaba.