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      83-year-old woman on the hunt

      June Chaperone, 83, of Ishpeming has been hunting for over 30 years with her husband and sons.

      Each year, she still goes out to her family's camp in Republic to join her son during the season. She enjoys a pretty comfortable blind in the woods complete with a La-Z-Boy recliner and heater.

      June says she began the sport in 1975 because she didn't want to become a hunting widow. She encourages other women to give hunting a chance.

      "I wish more women would hunt because it is so much fun and it's so beautiful in the woods. You could just sit there and enjoy nature if you don't see the deer, and if you don't see the deer, you can enjoy the woods. It's so beautiful," said June.

      The great-grandmother likes to hunt birds and bucks.

      She has already been out to the woods this season and is still trying to hunt down this year's buck.