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      911 services out for eastern Upper Peninsula

      A cut fiber optic cable has caused 911 services to be severed in the eastern Upper Peninsula including Luce, Chippewa, and Mackinac Counties.

      According to the Luce County Emergency Manager, people trying to contact 911 or other emergency services on Monday needed in the Newberry area should go to one of the four locations below:

      Newberry Fire Department - 307 E. McMillan Ave, NewberryColumbus Fire Department - 21923 M-28, McMillanLuce County EMS - 910 Washington Blvd, NewberryLuce County Sheriff's Department - 411 W. Harrie St, Newberry

      Officials say that people seeking emergency services should go to their nearest first responder agency's location, including fire departments, EMS and law enforcement.

      Crews are attempting to restore the phone service to Luce County, but repairs are expected to take until Monday evening to finish.