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      $9.5 million school bond vote

      School district officials in Iron Mountain are hoping a school bond proposal vote will pass on Tuesday in order to receive funding for a nearly $10 million improvement project.

      â??The school definitely needs the improvements,â?? said senior Nick Brule. â??There are leaks in the roofs in certain places; the lockers in the gym are all rusted.â??

      School officials, like Superintendent Tom Jayne, agree that there are some essential reconstruction needs.

      â??Our high school is 101 years old,â?? said Jayne. â??Our heating system is all underground; it's a steam heat system and is extremely inefficient. By the time it hits the administrative building and the high school and our gym, it's losing 70 percent of its inefficiency, meaning we're losing 70 cents per dollar that we spend in that area.â??

      The school district is asking voters to support a $9.5 million bond proposal to fund improvements. If passed, the average home owner would pay about $71 more per year in taxes throughout the length of the bond, which is 18 years.

      While infrastructure is one of the larger issues, students, like senior Andrew Michaud, say technology is equally crucial.

      â??Technology in the outside world is progressing at a rate, and if you want your students to be successful in the outside world, you have to keep that technology in your schools as well,â?? explained Michaud.

      â??If you can't have a parallel between the outside world and the school, kids aren't going to be prepared when they get out in the real world, so you want your technology to be at a parallel or even above,â?? he added.

      Among other improvements, the proposal would seek to install and maintain modern day security systems, finish projects such as the remodeling of the auditorium, expand classroom sizes, and reconstruct the roof.

      If the bond proposal does pass, the district says it will save them $200,000 a year on energy, maintenance, and technology costs.

      â??It's a proven fact that for every dollar that is invested into a school system, the regional community gets $1.55 back," Superintendent Jayne explained.

      Voting for the proposal takes place on Tuesday, February 26, at both the City Hall and Bay College.

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