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      97 down, 63 more marathons to go in order for Australian man to break world record

      Trent Morrow (Marathon Man) photo courtesy of the AP

      An Australian man ran his 97th marathon Saturday in Marquette to honor his mother who passed away due to colon cancer 20 years ago.

      Trent Morrow, who also goes by the name "Marathon Man," said his goal is to break the world record for running the most official marathons within a calendar year.

      With 97 marathons completed, Morrow still has 63 left.

      Marathon Man has participated in races all across the country including 30 states.

      "This is a journey for me that I'm looking to hopefully share with as many people around the world and inspire other people to take on the marathon challenge. It's one of those things that I think a lot of people are willing to tell is what we can't do, and not too many people are out there to tell us what is possible," said Morrow.

      This is the eighth consecutive week Morrow has run back-to-back marathons. He left Marquette and headed to Wisconsin on Saturday to participate in another marathon on Sunday.

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