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      A beach reopens after bacteria closure, but is it safe?

      Marquette's South Beach was open to swimmers on Monday, but E. coli readings continue to be closely monitored.

      Last Thursday, the popular beach was closed because of a high E. coli reading. The beach re-opened on Saturday morning.

      The bacteria is normally found in water, but consuming or bathing in it with an extremely high amount of E. coli could cause stomach aches and diarrhea. Officials from the city's Water-Wastewater Department test bacteria levels daily.

      Now they're also looking at the wind and water temperature.

      "In the next month or so we will be putting together some recommendations," said Water/Wastewater Superintendant Curt Goodman. "If there are some beach improvements that we need to make...that could be looking at the beach itself and the characteristics."

      Last week's closure at South Beach was the third time this summer that a Marquette beach was shut down because of high E. coli levels.