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      A 'berry' fun festival

      Kids games, vendor booths, and food are packed into two days in Chassellâ??s Centennial Park all for the 65th annual Copper Country Strawberry Festival.

      Hundreds of people from all across the U.P. come out to enjoy the family-friendly weekend and eat as many strawberries as they can.

      â??The community in Chassell relaxes and really are welcoming and kind and gentle people,â?? said Mike McMullen from Hancock.

      The berries are packed by the quart from local growers, so theyâ??re fresh. And itâ??s no secret what everyoneâ??s favorite part is.

      â??My favorite part is the strawberry shortcake,â?? McMullen said. â??Itâ??s fresh, and itâ??s good. Itâ??s like Mom used to make.â??

      â??Eating the strawberry shortcake,â?? added five-year-old Ione Laramore. â??I like the whip cream and all that. The whip cream is my favorite part.â??

      Over 1,200 quarts of strawberries were cleaned for the festival, and that adds up to over 3,600 strawberry shortcakes. One begs the question: how can you pass one up?

      â??Thereâ??s nothing like a Chassell-grown strawberry, Iâ??d have to say, and this year theyâ??re exceptionally sweet,â?? said Chassell Lions Club president, Pam Hiltunen.

      Itâ??s the Lions Clubâ??s biggest fundraiser of the year, and all the money raised goes back to the community through student scholarships and donations to local organizations.

      â??You know, we just try to make this community a little closer, and I think that you canâ??t say enough about that,â?? Hiltunen said.

      The Strawberry Festival continues Saturday beginning at 9 a.m.