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      A brief reprieve from winter weather

      Talk about a night and day difference between Saturday's and Friday's can thank high pressure for that.

      The low pressure system that dumped close to two feet of snow out west Thursday night into Friday is long gone. All watches and warnings have expired. Saturday has a few lingering snow showers north, but as high pressure centers directly overhead by Saturday night, snowfall will end, winds will calm, and skies will be almost entirely clear. Saturday's high will be mainly in the low 30s with upper 20s likely in the north. Lows will be cold in the upper 10s to low 20s.

      The normal high and low for 4-20 is 50 and 30 degrees respectively, so we're well below normal. So far in April, we've been below average for temps all but two days with at least some small amount of snow more than half of the days.

      On Sunday, we'll warm up a bit with a south wind. Highs will be in the low 40s. A small low pressure system moves in early, so expect clouds and a rain or snow mix from the west that may last all day. Considering the warmer temps, it may fall as rain more than snow. Lows will only fall into the mid 30s, so it may stay as rain overnight, but roads will likely be very slick.

      Monday will be even warmer with highs near 50 with continued rain, then a mix at night. Tuesday will likely see more rain or snow; more snow likely for Wednesday night. As of Saturday, the NWS office has picked up 206.8" of snow this season, and that number will likely go up at least a little more this week.

      For other weather and news, join me on Facebook . On Tuesday the 23rd, I will probably be attending the NWS's Severe Weather Spotter Training in Marquette. There's one in every county. Will you be going?

      In another note of interest, check out the cloud streets off of Greenland from April 1. The clouds appear to be just regular cumulus or stratus, but the strong winds formed parallel patterns in them that look like streets. Pretty cool!