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      A camping trip with Henry Ford

      The Tuesday afternoon lecture series continued at the Iron Industry Museum in Negaunee Township.

      Author Guy Forstrom spoke to visitors about his book, Camping in Cloverland. It documents Henry Ford's camping trip to the Upper Peninsula in 1923. Ford, along with Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, and Edward Kingsford, made their way to the U.P. to take a vacation.

      "I think they'll come away with a little sense of history of the Upper Peninsula and the influence Ford had on the U.P., obviously with jobs in the 1920s, and that's left a legacy. The evidence of that is the Model A convention a month ago," said Forstrum of his presentation.

      Ford and his companions spent time in Iron Mountain, Michigamme as well as L'Anse. The presentation also included photos that did not make it into Forstrom's book. Next week's lecture at the Iron Industry Museum will take a look at a new documentary film about the events that led to the 1959 film, "Anatomy of a Murder".