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      A celebration of Lake Superior Theatre history

      The Lake Superior Theatre (LST) is about to wrap up their 15th season of performances. To celebrate the anniversary, the theatre has put together a special show that's running Wednesday through Friday at 7:30 p.m. at the LST Boathouse.

      The show is called Superior Broadway, and it's a celebration of history at a boathouse turned theatre, according to director Denise Clark.

      "We have songs and scenes from 15 years of the Lake Superior Theatre," said Clark.

      The show is a historical cabaret featuring past LST historical productions like Haywire, Points North, Superior Heroes and Beacon On The Rock.

      "For instance, there are some roles that I might be playing that I wouldn't be cast in normally, but I can get up and sing the song. It delivers because I'm portraying it in a cabaret style," Clark said.

      Denise Clark leads the ten member cast, comprised of some LST veterans like Bobby Glenn Brown.

      "People who have done theatre for only two years or thirty years, and I think that's why it means something special for the community to come and see these people," said Brown. "Some of them they've seen grow up, and other ones they're watching grow up today."

      "There's going to be all these moments of I think real joy, fun, fun stuff," Clark added.

      The show runs Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights at 7:30 p.m. For ticket information, visit

      Clark encouraged people to come and also celebrate the unique venue.

      "Celebrating the fact that Pete and Peggy Frazier have a legacy of putting their boat out in the water so that we can all play on their stage for 15 years is something worth celebrating. I'd really like to see people come celebrate that," she said.

      LST's last show of the year is next Monday and Tuesday night. It's a play called A Man Named Marquette, and it will be performed by the Lake Superior Youth Theatre. The original show centers around the life of Father Jacques Marquette and the statue in downtown Marquette.