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      A celebration of Upper Michigan

      Wouldn't it be great if the Upper Peninsula had its own celebration, one recognizing the past, present and future of Upper Michigan's inhabitants?

      Well, Saturday marks the first day that it did...It was the first-ever Yooper Day.

      Organizers say it's an event that should be around simply because every Upper Michigan resident is proud to be a Yooper.

      It took seven months to coordinate the celebration that included over 40 food vendors and multiple musical artists. But all the hard work paid off because both locals and tourists seemed to enjoy the event.

      "We're here on a one week vacation," said Green Bay resident, Luz Vgara. "We're having fun and the kids are really enjoying it."

      Larry Bluse, an Ishpeming Township resident, said he loves it. "Itâ??s a beautiful day, lots of people aroundâ?|good music; canâ??t beat this."

      Yooper Day will become an annual celebration that will rotate around the Upper Peninsula.

      Currently, Hancock, St. Ignace and Escanaba are already putting in bids to host next year's event.