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      A change of command

      The Northern Michigan University (NMU) ARMY ROTC program celebrated a change of command Friday.

      Lieutenant Colonel Kyle Rambo has commanded the program since 2009. He is retiring from the military.

      For his 24 years of service, Rambo was awarded a Meritorious Service Medal.

      He will continue to serve the Marquette area as he takes on the new position of director for Catholic Social Services for the Diocese of Marquette.

      Family, friends, and colleagues came to support Rambo as he hands over his command to Lieutenant Colonel John McLaughlin.

      "The program is in a good place right now, and after meeting my replacement, it's going to be in an even better place. I think if anyone can step in and take it to the next level, it's Lieutenant Colonel John McLaughlin," said LTC Kyle Rambo, retiring NMU ROTC Commander.

      Lieutenant Colonel John McLaughlin comes from a US Army station in Hawaii. He is expected to maintain his new position at NMU for five years.